Leah Band

I am a UK based professional photographer and photographic artist currently dividing my time between London and, more recently, the South-West.  With more than ten years of respected industry experience specialised across the fields of portraiture, fashion, music and documentary, I regularly work with a variety of well regarded advertising and editorial clients and publications.  My work for brands, such as Adidas, The Smithsonian Chanel and Apple has a light, thoughtful and honest vision. 

Beginning my career assisting some of the most respected and recognised names in the industry, my practice is shaped by rich knowledge and practical experience.  Through my image making, both professional and personal, I strive to go beyond the camera to connect with the person or experience I am photographing with a bold and expressive voice and an intuitive and meaningful use of light, dark and colour.

I continue to develop my creative and personal voice through personal projects photographing what inspires and drives me.  My practice, exploring themes of society, power, personal narrative and feminist discourse, has recently been complemented by an MA in Photojournalism & Documentary Photography (UAL), completed in 2020.  My current work-in-progress, explores our physical and emotional relationship to the landscape and our disconnect to the living world through image and text.

In addition to making images and communicating through the visual I enjoy being part of an increasingly active, inclusive and vibrant community of photographers, photographic artists and practitioners.  Professionally, I mentor emerging photographers and have worked as a visiting lecturer at Coventry University and University of the Arts, Norwich, delivering workshops specialising in commercial practices.

I am a founding member of Work-Show-Grow, an educational platform and school founded by Natasha Caruana championing a supportive creative practice and an inclusive industry, as well as being a member of the Association of Photographers and the recently reestablished f22 Group – the women's photography division of the AOP which aims to address inequality within the photographic industry and support female practitioners.

I love meeting new opportunities, clients and communities, keeping a keen eye on contemporary practices and working collaboratively to achieve inspiring results.  My professional and personal practice continually inform and develop one another. 

If you have a project or assignment that you would like to discuss, please get in touch.

Physical and pdf portfolios available on request.


Clients include - Adidas, Amazon, Anna Mason, All Saints, Arcadia, Bauer Media, Beats By Dre, Coast, The Body Shop, Immediate Media, Iris & Lilly, JD Sport, Lost Ink, Nutshell TV, Panasonic, River Island, The Smithsonian Channel, Wallis.